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Pupil Voice


Year 3 child - "I use my French vocabulary mat to help me in my lessons".

Year 3 child - "Our French lessons are exciting and fun". 


Year 4 child - "I want to carry on learning French and other languages too". 

Year 4 child -"I think it is important to learn French because you could have a job to do with languages in the future".


Year 5 child - "I love learning new words in French, especially as I could use them on the Paris trip in       Year 6".

Year 5 child - "I enjoy playing 'Splat' as it helps me remember new vocabulary". 


Year 6 child - "When we went on the Paris trip, I liked buying souvenirs from the shops where I practised using my French". 

Year 6 child - "I really enjoy the opportunity to learn a new language as I can use it on International Mother Language Day in school".