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Whole School Projects

November 2022

All children in all year groups wrote a letter to our New King - King Charles III. We gave our condolences for the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II and told him how much we are looking forward to him being King due to him sharing many of the same passions as our school.

Children had also written poems / memories of the late Queen and we had these published in a 'We are Writers' book. We sent a copy of this to the King.

In January 2023, we received a reply from Buckingham Palace, thanking the children for their efforts. A picture of this, along with the letters and book we sent, can be seen on our Twitter feed. 

May 2022

Like most of the nation, we celebrated the Queen's platinum jubilee at school. Children explored the Queen's incredible life, her family and even her love of corgis and fashion. Some fantastic work was produced by children and we had an immensely fun week at school.

We also sent letters/cards of congratulations to the Queen and we had a response from the palace to thank us in September 2022.

Sadly, the day we received this, was also the day Her Majesty passed away. 

December 2021

As part of the anniversary, children explored Buddy the Elf in both the book and film version. A range of both reading and writing tasks were completed. 

Home Alone - Christmas Project - December 2020

Children were gripped for 2 weeks before Christmas when they were immersed in to the world of 'Home Alone' in celebration of its 30th Anniversary.

Children were tasked with creating instructional tasks, character descriptions, wanted posters, diaries and even some excellent Maths and Science related lessons too.

It was a topic thoroughly enjoyed by all and some super work was produced and put up on display for all to see!