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We aim to teach and prepare your child today, for their tomorrow! 

Here at New Invention Junior School, we teach our English through a text(s) per half term/term. Each term has a theme and some non-negotiable text types which need to be covered as well as a creative writing element. Within this, children explore a text, complete reading tasks using VIPERS and other skills, produce incidental pieces of writing which show empathy, inference and understanding and work towards a final piece of writing which is edited and re-drafted. 

Where possible, these themes and texts are linked to other areas of the curriculum to ensure an immersive learning environment and encourage greater depth learning and thinking. Within these other subjects, children are supported to complete cross-curricular reading and writing tasks to apply learnt skills in English lessons across the curriculum. Throughout the Curriculum, we expose children to high-quality texts for them to learn from and enjoy too.

Please click below to see our English policy and the links on the side to see Progression Documents for both Reading and Writing.


Support children with SEND with English

We have tailored our curriculum to ensure that all children can access their learning and are enthusiastic to do so. We focus on a range of skills from basic letter formation and handwriting, reading, comprehension, writing and acting to give children a solid learning experience.

Lessons are adapted so that all children have similar experiences but are tailored to their individual needs so they can meet the learning objective at their own level. We try to focus on what children can do and can achieve in lessons to build up confidence and a love of learning, whilst gaining an understanding of where they need to develop and improve and address these needs regularly lessons and additional interventions whereby more specific targets might be the focus.

For some children with complex additional needs, a highly differentiated plan is developed with support of external agencies such as Speech and Language or Educational Psychologists to make sure that we are giving them the best opportunities to develop their skills. Every classroom has a creative reading area to develop a love of reading with specially chosen books to suit the abilities and interests of our children, including those with special educational needs. As a school we adapt our environment to suit the needs of our children with resources such as coloured writing books, adapted pens and pencils, writing slopes and various other equipment to ensure their learning potential is maximised. We continue to develop our school and our teaching to support the ever changing needs of our children and strive to do our very best for every individual.

How do we prepare children with Special Educational Needs for their future?
English prepares children with special educational needs for adulthood in a number of ways. We aim to give our children the skills that they need to become more independent as they grow up and give them access to the wider world in which we live. English is a core subject and the skills that they learn during these lessons will set them up to be able to tackle day to day task that many of us take for granted. These skills will empower them to be able to not only function in day to day life but to succeed in any job that they might desire. Fine motor skills are developed through holding writing equipment, which will be needed for a variety of jobs and task they will need to do in later life. Reading is a crucial skill for all and will prepare children for being able to read texts in the wider world to keep themselves safe. These skills will also be beneficial when they need to do day to day task that adults have to do, for example read letters/bills, read paper work to sign up for bank accounts, read contracts of employment, read documentation at work etc. Speaking and listening skills are developed through class discussion and this will give them the courage to speak up for themselves in and share appropriate opinions. Drama is a crucial skills for SEND pupils as it allows them to act out scenarios that they may face in the future, giving them some context when they are thrown into those situation. This may also be a way for them to show their learning, when pen/paper may be a barrier. All the skills that they have learnt in school will also help them to support any future children with homework that they bring home. Speech and language support in school develops children’s understanding, pronunciation and communication skills that will be needed as they become more independent.

English Key Event Dates

October - National Poetry Day

March - World Book Day


Useful English Websites

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