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The Art curriculum at New Invention Junior is designed to allow all children to develop the key skills:

  • Keeping a sketchbook
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • 3D work
  • To gain knowledge of key designers, artists, craftspeople or art movements.

All children will be given opportunities to experiment, investigate and discover things independently, allowing them to have freedom wherever possible. We want to provide children with an Art curriculum that inspires and engages them, while giving them skills, knowledge and confidence to create their own works of art. Through the Art curriculum, we also want all children to believe in themselves; Art can be interpreted in different ways. What one person likes, another may not, so even if your work doesn’t look realistic, it is still a good, valuable piece of artwork.


SEND children may not need the same level of support with Art as with other academic subjects. Art could be an opportunity for children to express themselves and feel they have achieved the same as their peers, as there are no right or wrong answers. Children with SEND, may not be considered SEND in Art.  Any children who do require extra support in Art, will be guided by an adult through the thought process and through modelling.


Art lessons are all cross-curricular in some way. Each year group has specific artists or art movements to be covered, as this is a requirement of the national curriculum.

During each unit of work:

  • Observational work must take place.
  • Time should be allowed for experimenting and investigating.
  • Art vocabulary should be developed.
  • Artists work (or the specific movement) should be evaluated critically.

Children should be encouraged to use correct vocabulary and terminology to describe their own work and the work of others. 


Following the Art key skills progression map, all skills will be taught and built on each year, allowing for mastery of each skill by Year 6. Children will also be able to critically evaluate their own work and the work of their peers.