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Year 4

Bonjour de la classe quatre, cinq et six!

Year 4 is the second year in Junior School and our year 4 staff are...

 Class 4: Mrs Chima and Mrs Oliver

 Class 5: Miss Ash

Class 6: Mr Shea

The teaching assistants who work in year 4 are Mrs Jackson and Mrs Adams.


  1. Don’t shout out or speak when others are talking.
  2. Always show good listening, good looking and good sitting.
  3. Always be sensible in class and around school and show good manners.
  4. Always be kind, respectful and helpful to others.
  5. Take care of and share equipment and help to keep our classrooms tidy.
  6. ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST and complete work as neatly as possible.


Maths and English homework is given out every Wednesday, due in the following Wednesday.

We should be reading regularly at home and recording a comment in our reading diary every time we read as well as practicing times tables and spellings (including using Spellodrome and Times Tables Rock Star).


Year 4 Blogs

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