For National Poetry Day 2022, we had a visit from Pep the Poet.

He worked with all year groups on creating and performing poetry as well as engaging the children in fun activities.

As can be seen below, the feedback was excellent! Thank you Pep. 

" I have really enjoyed this poetry and think it is hilarious!" - Zalika, Year 4.

"Pep the Poet is super funny and such a clever poet. He has a brilliant sense of humour." - Mahi, Year 5

"I really enjoyed it as I didn't know just how fun poetry could be!" - Michael, Year 5

"I loved being with Pep and writing poems. I wish I could do it again!" - Ambar, Year 3

"Not only was it funny; he described real-life things in humorous ways! It was excellent and a joyful experience that I would recommend! I love poetry!" - Sehj, Year 6

Staff also commented about how much the children were engaged by it:

"The children loved the poetry workshop and were really enthusiastic. They enjoyed performing the poems and the fact that they were funny. Loved it!" - Mrs Morgan