Key Staff

Mr Pearson - Headteacher

Mr Bould - Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Sharratt - Care, Guidance and Support Manager


Mrs Waterhouse - Assistant head and inclusion manager


Year 3Miss Holder, Miss Wheeler and Miss Johnson.

Year 4: Miss Cook, Mrs Oliver, Miss Poole and Mrs Shea

Year 5: Mrs Meredith, Miss Ash and Mr Jeavons.

Year 6:  Mrs McGlynn, Mrs Rowley and Mrs Dorricott


Support Teacher - Mrs Handley

Office Staff - Mrs Hedges, Mrs Needham and Miss Tonks

Support Staff

Mrs Longmore 

Mrs Dicken 

Ms Tullo 

Mrs Vickers 

Mrs Jackson 

Mrs Adams  

Miss Fieldhouse 

Mrs Wright 

Mrs Taylor 

Mrs Allison 

Ms Turner 

Mrs Kaur 

 Lunch Staff

Mrs Sankey 

Mrs Hales 

Mrs Kelly-Smith 

Mrs Taylor 

Miss Smith 

 Mrs Hall

 Mrs Pearson

Mrs Crutchley 

Site Staff 

 Mr Slawson

Mrs Parkes 

Mrs Slawson