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World Wildlife Day - Friday 3rd March 2017

The theme of this year’s celebration was ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, with a focus on connecting young people around the world to explore what wildlife conservation and protection mean to them and instil a responsibility in them to take action for the future of both wild animals and plants.

 As part of our celebrations we invited 'The Animal Person' into school to talk to pupils and allow them to come into contact with a variety of wildlife. For some of our pupils this was a real test of character and gave them the opportunity to come face to face with creatures that they may find intimidating.

Each class created pieces of art highlighting the perils of endangered species using a variety of techniques.

 Year 4 also held a bake sale and raised an amazing £120, the school voted and chose to adopt a pair of Snow Leopards at Dudley Zoo. The Snow Leopards are called Taiga and Margaash and there will be a small plaque by their enclosure advertising our school as one of the adopters. We would love to have your photos of you visiting Taiga and Margaash to put on our geography display within school. Click on the picture of Taiga and Margaash to find out more information about the plight of snow leopards. 

Geography Fun and Games

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