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2014 – 2015


The school  received £80,600 in pupil premium funding. We used the money in the following ways:

  • To employ an additional teacher which allowed Year 3 to be taught as 4 smaller classes rather than 3, for part of the school day. Which provided a better KS1 to KS2 transition experience, smaller class sizes, and more personalised learning for pupil premium children.
  • To implement during school and after school booster sessions to accelerate the progress of pupil premium children for Maths, Reading and Writing.
  • To provide 1:2:1 and small group support to raise standards, improve life chances, close gaps, ensure self-belief, confidence, motivation and respect for all. This was achieved through the additional employment of teachers and a higher level teaching assistant.
  • To provide mentoring for specific groups of pupil premium children, addressing potential barriers to learning enabling them to close the gap with their non-pupil premium peers.
  • To implement X Plus School which saw groups of pupil premium children spend time in school during half term breaks to complete targeted intervention work.


The same percentage of pupil premium and non-pupil premium children achieved the expected standard in Maths and Reading completely closing the gap. Whilst less pupil-premium children reached the expected level in Writing, all pupil-premium children made the expected levels of progress. All groups of children made the expected levels of progress in Maths, Reading and Writing.

The percentage of pupil-premium children making expected and more than expected progress was well above national expectations.


% Children achieving expected standard (Level 4) in Year 6 (2014 – 2015)

Maths Reading Writing
All Pupils 100% 100% 99%
Pupil Premium 100% 100% 84%
Gap 0% 0% 15%


Pupil Premium

2014 – 2015 2 levels or more 3 levels or more 4 levels or more
Maths  100% 47% 5%
Reading  100% 47% 10%
Writing  100% 32% 0%

Non-Pupil Premium

 2014 – 2015 2 levels or more 3 levels or more 4 levels or more
Maths  100% 80% 21%
Reading  100% 34% 0%
Writing  100% 32% 0%