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2013 – 2014


Academic Year 2013 – 2014


During 2013 – 2014 the school spent the Sports Premium in the following ways:

  • Employ high quality sports coaches to run lunch-time, before and after school sports clubs
  • Develop the quality of teaching and learning through staff training delivered by sports coaches
  • Employ high quality coaches to use sport to mentor children

Impact of Sports Premium

  • Only 15% of children in Year 6 understood the rules of Tag Rugby, now 90% can understand and apply rules effectively in a Tag Rugby Game
  • An improvement from 40% of children to 85% of Year 5 children are able to hold a Hockey stick with the correct technique, this has led to improvement in both Passing and Dribbling skills
  • 95% of Year 4 children can identify the Bounce Pass, Chest Pass and Overhead Pass in Basketball and 70% are able to use these appropriately during a match situation. There has also been improvement in the number of children who understand the rules e.g. Non-contact, Double Dribble and Travelling
  • 40% of Year 3 children could control a football when passing and dribbling skills were tested, now 70% can complete both of these skills with fluency and control and also understand which parts of the feet are needed to be used.
  • 80% of children in the school can now identify a variety of Rolls, Jumps and Balances in Gymnastics and apply these with co-ordination and control working individually or in a paired sequence.
  • Breakfast Club and After School Sport Club numbers are all at full capacity (20 Key Stage 2 Children to 1 Sports Coach)
  • Speed Stacking has been introduced during PE in order to build hand-eye co-ordination skills which can be transferred into other sports and we entered a virtual tournament comparing our scores against other schools (Results on Power Point)
  • Boxercise has been introduced to children during Afterschool Clubs
  • In 2012/2013 we entered 2 tournaments (Tag Rugby and Tennis), 2013/2014 we entered Speed Stacking, Athletics and Skipping (March 14th), Tennis (June 4th), Rounders (June 14th) and Year 3 & 4 Athletics (July 1st)
  • Set up extra-curricular Holiday Sports Course during Half Term which was attended by over 70 different children from New Invention Junior School throughout the week (this was the second of such courses, again proved very popular with parents)
  • Lunch Time Sports have included Tournaments in Football, Basketball and Kick Rounders. Other activities such as Skipping, Cricket, Parachute Games, Boxercise, Cheerleading, Tennis, Hockey and Tag Rugby have also been run.
  • 90% of Year 6 Children can now play, score and umpire a game of mini tennis with the correct rules